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September 22nd 2021

Band of Brothers Review

Interview coming soon!

If you are a Band of Brothers fan, this is an interview not to be missed!

Mothers Day 2021 – My Speech

September 12th 2021

Whale Watching

September 10th 2021

Field of Dreams Movie Review

September 2021

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August 12th 2021

Its ok that you’re not ok (book review updated slightly)

Bruce Blog 2021

Ramblings Blog 2021

How its going – updated

August 9th 2021

August 2021

Its ok that you’re not ok book review

Check out the book reviews that are starting to come in!

“Bruce” Book Reviews

August 4th 2021

Check out the book reviews that are starting to come in!

“Bruce” Book Reviews


July 24th 2021


The Coffin Confessor

About Us

July 20th 2021

Agnes Water/1770

July 13th 2021


“Bruce” Book Reviews

“Ramblings” book Reviews

A new review has been sent to me for Ramblings – I have posted it on the review page. I have also received 2 reviews for Bruce. 

Reviews are a fantastic tool for a writer in order to learn not only how well a book may or may not have been received but also to see how the style of writing is perceived by the reader too. 

Reviews go a long way on Amazon to assisting with how they place the book and how their sales ranks work. 

Please spare me a minute or two, jump onto Amazon and leave your review

June 30th 2021


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June 20th 2021

Madhatterpress has been busy this last week. 

Glasshouse Mtns

June 2021

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June 13th 2021

Two travel blogs are up and running now! Links below. Check them out! Rainbow Beach has a beautiful audio visual too! 

Rainbow Beach


June 6th 2021

June 2021

Bruce Book Blog


Head onto the links page where you will find out how I entered and won short story competition. 

June 5th 2021

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June 4th 2021

How its going

“How its going” page has been put in place to give an update on how Madhatterpress is doing! About me is now “How it started” and “How its going”


Resume has been updated to reflect publication date of latest book. 

June newsletter

Link in place on newsletter page for Junes newsletter 

May 29th 2021

My Adventures with Bruce is being released on 30 June! 

As soon as I have the purchase links, I will post them for you. I will be sending out some signed copies again but who will get one??? Surprise time! 

May 22nd 2021

Lots to tell you! 

Most importantly: “My adventures with Bruce” has been formally signed off as complete and next stop…..printers!!!! 

Home page of the site has been tweaked a little to add some colour and something that has found its way to being an unofficial trademark!

“Ramblings” and “Bruce” pages have been tweaked slightly also. 

Travel Blogs have been started. They haven’t made it onto the site yet, my first one is in its draft stage on the laptop. 

Junes newsletter is in progress ready for those who subscribe.

Custom poetry is also something I love to do. This has been done now for two friends and family after the birth of their children. 

Finally….Mays personal blog entry for this week will be going up today!


As always, thank you for your kind comments and support. If you have any questions or if you want to chat to me about some writing/poetry that you would like completed, please get intouvch via the contact form!

May 16th 2021

May 2021

Madhatter in Wanderland

Please check out the latest entry to the May blog today! 

Also Madhatterpress (and her Dad!) have been chatting about travel blogs 

May 9th 2021

This month has been exciting for madhatterpress, as I was asked to assist in the writing of a speech to be delivered at a Mother’s Day service in Adelaide. Please see the link below.

Hit play and  scroll through to see Rebecca Wilson delivering the speech  

Mother’s Day speech


Mays newsletter is also out on the newsletter page. 

May 2nd 2021

I have written a special poem entitled “My Mum”. I was gifted memories from those who knew her, to include in the piece. 

My mum

May 2nd 2021

Ramblings book blog

Bruce Book Blog

May 2021

Stiff Washing  

I`m dreaming of….. 

Christmas Tins

Stiff Washing, Christmas Tins  and I`m dreaming of…were inspired from a written story from someone special    

April 16th 2021


Resume updated to include new information and current projects that I am working on.  

October Hill spring edition

Scroll through on the index and you will locate the page it is on! It is also here in Poetry 2020/People

April 3rd 2021

April 2021

March 31st 2021

To round off March, there is a bumper stack of news for you. 

– Newsletters coming in April!!

– Audiovisual poetry now in with other poetry.

– 2021 poetry separated by month when written. 

Here are the links to a batch of new poems. 

Unlikely couple

Met Before

Matter before me

The Marine

Hurt me


March 30th 2021

March 2021

March 14th 2021

March 2021

Is it?


March 1st 2021

Tribute to Mum 

A poem by Jo: My mum – written on 24.2.2021

A poem by Mum: Barry

A poem by Mum: Joanne

A Poem by Mum: Lee

Photo Memories

Carol Beckham  – this is the 2020 interview that I completed. Carol, in her words. 

8th February 2021

Hannah Peckham interview

29th January 2021



Two new poems completed and Resume/About me updated. 


About me

17th January 2021