June 2021

June 26th 2021

This week I put a new photo album on Facebook just for a small group of friends..for their eyes only. Nicknamed  “Bitey, sting-y ba***rds” (that’s the albums name not the friends you understand!)

These friends came to Australia back in 2019. 

While they were here, on their 6 day whirlwind tour to see my late husband, every bit of wildlife they saw became known as a bite, sting-y ba***rd. Every critter was labelled with the same name!!!! So, when I found a few spiders on my walk the other day, it seemed only fair that I put them on Facebook for them….then added snakes….crocs…alligators and so on. The list is endless. 

This week has also seen me on my final week towards publication day – 4 sleeps to go. I have also secured a date for a reading of a portion of the children`s book at a school. The same school that the inspiration for my books main character goes to. He has no idea I`m coming!!!! 

The next weeks plans…publication day, a nail appointment and more writing. Thats me!

June 20th 2021

This last week has seen Dad and  I venturing to Agnes Water and the town of 1770. The trip from home was about 5 1/2 hours in the car so plenty of time for music and chatting. We had a nice place to stay that was walking distance from all of Agnes Water.

For me, 1770 was the winner of the 2 places. There was something indescribable. A charm, a quirkiness about it than Agnes Water didn’t have.  I won’t share any more here as I plan to write my travelblog on the place.  Suffice to say though….Im going back.

June 13th 2021

This week has been a strange week.  Ups, downs and everything in between. I have. been assisting a celebrant in writing the opening and closing statements to her services. That has been several hours of writing and researching some quotes to go in them. However it was “fun” to do. Sounds weird to say that about funeral services doesn’t it, but it was fun, in its own way. I put my mark on them and was able to tweak them. Young people, old people, no family, religious people. All of them need a slightly different service introduction and closure. Its simply about finding the right one. 

My complimentary copies of my latest (debut!) children’s book were delivered this week. However a little hiccup meant a new cover was needed so this is underway now. 

What else can I tell you from this week? 3 weeks to publication day! Well, 2 1/2 now! Thats an exciting feeling. I am very proud of this book and have media planned around it. 

This week has also seen a new trip planned. Agnes Water/1770…we`re coming to see you! Accommodation has been booked and a list made of everything needed to take and one of things we need to do before we leave. The funny thing is, Mark always used to joke that if something happened to him, and Mum, that Dad and I would be lost when it came to holidays. Mark and Mum were our organisers. However this is our 3rd little trip now (They’re all less than a week) and so far so good. We’ve learned a few lessons along the way but its all going well.

The other thing this week…on Tuesday, this handsome devil would have celebrated 57 years of life. Some say its not healthy to dwell on things like this after a loved one passes, but I don’t see it as dwelling. I see it as celebrating someone who made me incredibly happy. Someone who made me feel safe and loved. Someone I was privileged to spend my life with from the age of 21 until I was 47. 

So, my plans for the week. Sign some books when the new ones get here. Send out the copies to those who are getting their own signed one! You won’t know until it lands on your doorstep!  I plan to get stuck into writing the second children’s book. No Bruce in this one, but my hero Nathan will be there, along with a few new characters.  I also had the basis of a story for a writing prompt competition but it didn’t come together in time. I may keep that story and finish it in my time, post  on my website instead. That me for another week! 

June 6th 2021

Last week, I said it was cold! This week I put a blanket on the bed as well as the quilt! So, I am definitely acclimatised to winter weather. After 16 years you’d think so wouldn’t you! When you think about it though, I only have a quilt inside the cover for three months of the year, the dreaded winter months. The rest of the time it is a light sheet and cover only. 

Today is Queenslands birthday. How do I know that? Let me tell you! 12 years ago (on Queenslands 150th birthday!) Mark and I became citizens. I became a true-blue-dinky-di Aussie. I have to say, reflecting back, this was a great idea of Marks. We knew nothing of Australia so really did take our lives in our hands but what a life we had together. 

When we landed here, I went full immersion. My theory was ‘take on the country try, take on the culture’. So I wore the green and gold and went to watch Australia. I wore maroon and gold and went to see Broncos and the Queensland origin teams. 

On my 12th citizenship anniversary, I can safely say, I love every aspect of my life here. Marks life here was shorter than mine, but he got to experience a dream. He got to live this life here and for that I am always going to be grateful. 

June 1st 2021

Welcome to a new month, the sixth month of the year and for me in Australia, it is the first day of Winter. I can hear you all laughing. You’re thinking “Winter, bet its not  even cold!” Well. my friends in the UK, today got to an amazing high of 21 degrees and my long trousers and socks made their entrance to the world.

Of course the big news of the month is that Bruce will be landing at online bookstores across the world. Yep, that phrase still gets me! Across the WORLD! As soon as the purchase links are available I will post them on the site so keep an eye out. 


As for the rest of my life, I continue to complete some work for my celebrant friend. This has moved from just doing life stories to now assisting with the opening and closing paragraphs of her services. It has been an eye opener while researching quotes and phrases. Every time I hear something now I want to scribble it down and use it! 

I am spending my time reading and planning my next lot of writing. My trouble is, I have too many ideas. I really need to start one thing at a time!!!