July 2020

July 25th 2020

We are almost at the end of July. While some of this year seems like it was never ending due to quarantine and Covid, other days and months have just flown by.

While lockdown has been enforced, I have been reading, writing and listening to music….hence the little throwback picture attached to this post. 

If you don’t have a music streaming service on your device and you are still relying on the radio or the good old CD, can I suggest you sign yourself up for Spotify. This has been superb for me when it comes to listening to music. Not only can you type in a music request (which 90% of the time it has!!) , but you can also make up playlists. Albums I particularly love and individual songs are all on my Spotify account as playlists. I also have mine linked to my car so as soon as I get in, bluetooth kicks in and music starts. Perfect for me!!! 

July 16th 2020.

Wow! It most certainly is an exciting time when your book cover is officially released!  I have had lots of questions about how I came up with the title and cover. So here we go…time to let you know. 

Sunflowers are my favourite flower. They were something my late husband always bought me when we saw them in the flower shop or supermarket. They seemed to last forever!  I asked for them to be included somewhere on the cover and am so pleased with the result.

The title…it simply sums me up!

July 6th 2020

I lost my husband in August 2019, so coming up to a year now. I am also moving house. Well, if I am honest, I have been moving for the best part of almost seven months. I am living with my parents as my mum has a chronic illness that requires 24/7 care. 

While I am living with my parents, I am spending sporadic days at the old house cleaning it out ready for rental. After the death of my husband, I managed to disassociate with our house. My husband had always said the house isn’t the memories, we are the memories and he was right. So, when the offer came to move into my parents’ house and use my old house for rental and bring me an income….it proved to be the right decision.

As I work through the house, it becomes increasingly clear how ruthless you need to be.

  • What do you keep? Then involved in that question is what can you sensibly keep and what must go?
  • Where do you keep it? Storage or garage? How long do you store for?
  • How much personal stuff do you take to your parents without overpowering the house and making it seem more yours than theirs?

The other thing that came into focus for me today as I packed yet more stuff. Has my life really come down to a dozen boxes in a storage unit? It seemed strangely sad for a moment when I stood there looking at the pile.  Then I started to think about things.  So, some of my life is in boxes. But some of the life my husband and I shared is on show at my parents house, that’s a huge plus. Memories all around. Then I stood and thought again about the career changes I have been through. Again, not a bad lot!! My career has changed and is presently working well. 

My husband used to say “it is what it is , and we can’t change it. If we can’t change it, why worry about it”   Theres something to be said for that sentiment. It`s how I think. As much as I would give anything to have him back and continue our life together, I know that I can’t. What I have to remember is that I am now doing the best for me. What I have to remember is that he’d be proud of me whatever I did.