January 2021

January 28th 2021

The day before yesterday was Australia Day. Crowds gathered for parties. Pubs were full for celebrations and tradition aussie foods on the menu.

While I have been here for almost 16 years, I do have family left in the UK.  January is a crazy birthday month for us. Today there are two on the same day! My lovely sister in law Clare, who has put up with my brother for over 20 years and my uncle Gary who is not only an uncle, but a friend too.  Happy birthday to both of you. 

Me? I continue to write but lately, I am reading a lot too. A few book reviews are starting to creep onto 2021 creative work pages and I am sure that there will be more to come. 

I continue to be hopeful that I can secure more interviews. I have sent requests to many people and fingers crossed that someone decides to give me that chance! 

See you in February. ♥️ 

January 19th 2021

Today a little boy I know called Jack reaches the age of nine. I’m not entirely sure how it happened so quickly! It only seemed like yesterday that my stepdaughter let us know that she was pregnant.

The Hattersley side of the family is strong with this one! From facial expressions that are reminiscent of his Uncle Matthew to the way he takes after his mum with the horse riding. 

Jack – Hope that you have a great birthday today!

As for me, I continue to write and read. I was reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a while but had to put that aside. As interesting as it is, it is very hard going. I will go back to it but not for a while. I am currently reading Piers Morgans book entitled “Wake up” where he discusses free speech and how everything nowadays offends someone!

I have been working on several articles too. The latest, one regarding social media, was posted last night. I also found out today that I have a poem being published in October Hill magazine in three months time. 

I’m working on some articles about Australia that look at the cities I have visited as well as “things to do”.  I’m also working on “Kindness is a superpower” as well as something based on living with my parents again after 30 years. There are a few short stories on the way too.  

Thats this week!! 😂 

January 13th 2021

Here we are, already in the second week of January. Last week, there was a brief 3 day hard lockdown in Greater Brisbane. The UK strain of Covid has made it to our shores and settled itself in, seemingly for a long haul.

Here in Buderim, we are “locked down” due to the nature of the situation that we find ourself in. Dad and I take it in turns to go and do shopping and the other necessary chores but there is nothing better than loading up the car with the brew-up gear and hitting the road.

I have been reading and writing with a passion these last 2 weeks. The end of last year saw me finish The Promised Land by Barack Obama and I have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking at Pete Souzas photography of him was also very good. Thinking out loud here, I may start a book list on the site.

I am also hopeful of some more interviewing as the year progresses. i have been in touch with some managers, offices and agents in the hope that they will help out a new writer. I have begun to submit to magazines again this year too.  Here’s hoping the new year brings some luck.

January 6th 2021

Here we are plodding through January. What do I have to tell you? Well, every now and then, I get a lull in my writing which usually means I need a breather, clear my head.  Today has been the Olaf opposite of that. Can a person have too many ideas?

One thing I have been doing religiously since November is journalling. Something I don’t remember doing as a kid. Part of that journalling is having “trigger questions” to make you think. I have tweaked my questions to make sure that they work for me. I use things such as ideas for poetry/articles. What writing has been done today? What book are you reading? What kind thing did you do for someone today? What nice thing did someone do for you? It really makes you think. 

So, coming soon to madhatterpress there will be….short stories  possibly using the hero of my “Bruce” book.  A short story using me as inspiration. I also  have numerous poetry ideas in the pipeline. 

I am also researching ready for a sequel to Bruce. The idea is planted and I have had a very lovely lady send me lots of information and contacts so that is ticking over well. 

In between my writing, I have been reading. I can recommend “A promised Land’ by Barack Obama and I am currently reading “In Her Words” by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for things this year. 

Onwards and upwards!! 

January 1st 2021

For so many people, 2020 was the year of Covid and lockdowns. For me, it was so much more.

2020 was my year of achievement.  I finished a course and got my Certificate in Creative Writing. My poetry book “Ramblings of a forty something widow” was published. My children`s book “My adventures with Bruce” was accepted for publication. My website https://madhatterpress.cloud was launched. One of my proudest achievements was losing weight (in lockdown!!). Weight lost was three dress sizes.

Of course,something else I had to do in 2020 was decide what to do with the house that I own. I got as much advice as I could. I cleared the house and stored personal items. I rented my house out and moved in with my parents. Living here I am able to assist in Mums care and support Dad. What they may not realise is that they gifted me something much more precious in return. The gift of quality time with them both.

So, whats my plans for 2021!

I have a completed 3rd book that has gone to a different publisher. I am working on short stories featuring the hero of my “Bruce” book for my website. I am writing poems, articles and more! I also intend to carry on reading and set myself a reading challenge for 2021. Of course,  I am looking forward to the 2021 rugby season too!!!

Thats me! Have a Happy New Year.