It wasn’t meant to be..

Whenever I read a book, I avoid all reviews until I’m done. I never want a review to sway my opinion. I’m very glad I never read some of the reviews of “it wasn’t meant to be like this” otherwise I may never have read it. Some of those reviews labelled this book as “boring”. Another said “it’s just fiction”. Another said “couldn’t get into it”. As I sit here now after reading it, none of those words come to mind. I’d call it well written, informative, relatable and most of all life. This book is about a life.
In the book, you will find plenty of award show chatter and TV information, but the core of this book is family, of which Lisa states on numerous occasions she could not be without. It is abundantly clear her family are her number one supporters and advisors. Discussions are not made in Lisa’s family alone. Family come together. Before taking a new job or giving up an old one, it’s discussed together.

Lisa’s book is well written, you could almost say it’s a kind of diary of her life. This style of writing adds to the relatability of Lisa and the things she has done. Being subject to horrific bullying. Vowing not to let the bullies define who she was then or who she was to become. Becoming the youngest editor ever to take the reins of a national magazine. Spending ten years at the helm of Cleo magazine.

 Lisa clearly has what it takes in life. That’s without touching on her TV career of course.
While this book clearly shows her successes, it is not afraid to discuss failures. It’s not afraid to talk of heartbreak in life.
The book does not shy away from a traumatic incident with the father of a friend when she was younger. It certainly does not shy away from failures in her TV career, whether that be using the wrong language on TV or the infamous ending of her Today show career.
Overall what this book does, in my opinion, is show you that if you work hard enough, the rewards are there. If you’re willing to take the rough with the smooth, the rewards are there. The book is incredibly funny and honest. It’s inspirational.
This book is one that shows every young person that life is there for the taking. It shows that you don’t need social media in order to get where you want to go. It shows that if you put your mind to it and realise that sacrifices are made occasionally… can get there.