We watch them on TV. We listen to them on the radio and we read them in magazines or on websites.

But what is it like to interview someone? How do you decide who to interview? Where do you start?


The “what is it like?” depends completely on who the person is that you are interviewing. 

Where do you start – again, depends on the person. 

How do you decide who is to be interviewed? Thats a question only you can answer. For me, I have an ongoing wish list that I add to. 

Interviewed so far.....

  • Willow Speers from Back to the Rafters  – Done!
  • Hannah Peckham (Author) – Done!
  • Erika Eleniak (Actress) – Done!
  • Aidan McCann – finalist from Ireland and Britains got Talent – Done!
  • Four interviews with business owners in Queensland – Done!
  • One interview with UK businessman – Done!
  • My late Mum – Done!
  • My Dad – Done!

My wish list...

  • Melissa Gilbert – I watched Little House as a child and loved her relationship with her ‘pa’.
  • The Bridge Mooloolaba – New business that has come to fruition through Covid. 
  • Ben Dobbin – I love Brisbane Broncos and I`d love to hear more of Bens job. 
  • Andrew Goodall – Photographer extraordinaire and friend. 
  • Staff from “Field of Dreams” movie site – the movie was a passion of my late husband and I have written about it. 
  • The cast of Parenthood – I LOVE the show and the acting is sublime. 
  • The Cast of Handmaids Tale – the acting, direction and script all come together to give the senses such a workout while watching. It is riveting viewing. 
  • Margaret Atwood- writer of the Handmaids Tale. 
  • Dr Who cast – This is a show I have watched since I was 3 (Im almost 50) and this would be just the pinnacle for me. 
  • Cast of Band of Brothers- Respect the show. Respect the history and honour the men. Id love to talk to the cast about their work on this show. 
  • West Wing cast – such a joy to watch the precision that was delivered week in week out. 
  • Stanley Tucci – actor and author – having just finished his new book, I want to share a glass of wine with him and just chat!
  • Heather Morris – author – Her three true stories from the horrors that were Auschwitz were a riveting read.
  • I would love to talk to the Brisbane Broncos (my team!) about their way forward for 2022.
  • Carey Mulligan (Actress) – ever since she came onto my radar in a Dr Who episode called “Blink”, she has just floored me with her talent. 
  • A big one for me, would be Michael Douglas. I have loved his work since I was a teenager. 

There are so many more people I could list, people that I admire, am curious about and just want to chat to…… but where do I stop?

Im stopping right here and inviting you to head to the menu to “interviews 2020” and “interviews 2021” to have a read of those already done. If you go to “interviews 2022” you’ll see the big scoop I have landed for next year….excited?….me?……. I certainly am!