I love the bones of you

A Salford life in the 70s is what you will find described in the pages of this book. That story is accompanied by siblings, a loving mother and a hardworking socialist father. This book demonstrates how a man can start a life as a potential factory worker in the north west of the UK and end up on the stage. He describes every aspect of his life with deep seated emotion, none more so than when he looks at his acting life. Our friends in the North, Dr Who, whose relaunch was planted squarely on his shoulders and more, its all there for any Eccleston fan.

The path to fame came at a price. His bonds to his home city could never be broken and the loss of his parents affected him deeply. His family struggled to appreciate and cope with the anorexia that he suffered and could not bear to see his health deteriorate.

Heart rending. Honest. Touching. Mournful. Family man. This book demonstrates the emotion and shows you who Mr Eccleston really is.