How its going

On May 3rd 2021, Madhatterpress became a year old. Its going well! In that year, I have grown the website, articles and poems have been published. I have a poetry book published and a children’s book on June 30. 

Writing is something I feel very at home with, more than anything I have ever done. 

Moving forward

Something  that I had never attempted before was interviewing. I have heard say that the only way to learn is to do, so do I did! I have interviewed local businesses, a UK gentleman who runs his own business. I have interviewed Hollywood actress Erika Eleniak and UK author Araminta Hall. I have even interviewed my own parents, during which process,  I amassed a heap of information and memories. Some of which I never knew! Hannah Peckham, children’s author, kindly allowed an interview too. 

Whats on the horizon for me?

  • My poetry book is out there now. 
  • My children’s book has a publication date of June 30. 
  • Book 3 is a book about my late husbands myasthenia battle and my becoming an author.
  • Book 4 is an untitled poetry collection – this has come together very organically and has been incredibly enjoyable to do. 
  • Book 5 is a new children’s book. The characters from Bruce in a new adventure!
  • Book 6 is a novel.  

The ideas are limitless and the plots are planned. Now I just have to get friendly with my computer keyboard and carry on writing!