How its going

On May 3rd 2021, Madhatterpress became a year old. Its going well! In that year, I have grown the website, articles and poems have been published. I have a poetry book published and a children’s book on June 30. 

Writing is something I feel very at home with, more than anything I have ever done. 

Moving forward

Something  that I had never attempted before was interviewing. I have heard say that the only way to learn is to do, so do I did! I have interviewed local businesses, a UK gentleman who runs his own business. I have interviewed Hollywood actress Erika Eleniak and UK author Araminta Hall. I have even interviewed my own parents, during which process,  I amassed a heap of information and memories. Some of which I never knew! Hannah Peckham, children’s author, kindly allowed an interview too. 

Whats on the horizon for me?

The trouble with writers, is that we can sometimes have too many ideas! Here is where I am at right now!

  • Work in Progress: A book on grief and help I can offer others. Given that I have had the loss of my husband, as well as seeing my Dad go through my mums loss, I can offer up lots of thoughts as someone who really does ‘know how you feel’. 
  • Travel Blogs: These are ongoing and work alongside an article/review on trips that I have too. 
  • Reviews: Books, TV, Movies and companies. 
  • Interviews: I have one interview on the go as we speak and have been trying to secure some more for the site. 

Now, all I need is 48 hours in every day and I’m on my way!!