“Field 0f Dreams”

Those of you that have clicked onto this page, stop! Ask yourself one question! 

Have you heard of ‘Field of Dreams’?

If yes, then everything that is written will make perfect sense to you. 

If no…..seriously? Where have you been since 1989?


This section of my website is devoted to ‘Field of Dreams’ and here is why. 

My late husband Mark adored this film with a passion. It was a passion equivalent to my love of ‘A Few Good Men` so that really is saying something!! 

I stumbled on the footage recently of the Major League Baseball Game held at the original movie site. I was enthralled to see the players come through the corn, just like the movie and of course, it wouldn’t have been right without Kevin Costner…..and there he was. I smiled as I watched the footage thinking how Mark would have loved it. Just brought back some great memories.

A few days later, I rewatched the movie. It had been a long time since I had seen it, but some of it came flooding back as I watched. Now usually when I watch a film, I like to read a book (if there is one) so I went to Amazon and there was my next read. “Shoeless Joe” by W.P. Kinsella. Clicked purchase and that was that.

Scroll forward in time, to a time I was debating with myself as to what to write next.  I wanted to write an article but subject matter wasn’t forthcoming. Then it hit me. Literally! 

My next article is going to be on “The Field of Dreams” movie site.  I must getting working. 

“If I write it, it will come….”