February 2021

February 28th 2021

I don’t know what to say or how to say things this week but Ill give it a go.

I lost my mum.

Since April 2019 my mum has suffered from lung cancer that had spread to liver, spine, pelvis and hips. Throughout her illness she had managed to remain at home and be cared for there. My brother and sister in law put their life on hold for 8 months and came from the UK to assist us. Between them, my Dad and palliative care…mum had the best care that we could offer. On Feb 24th she passed away peacefully in her own bedroom.

Within the next day or two, there will be a tribute page to Mum on my website. She was more creative than she ever gave herself credit for, producing poetry relating to old memories and a favourite TV show. I will revisit those for you. I will also revisit the 2020 interview  that I did with Mum as well as poems I have written this week. One I will definitely post. The second, I am not sure yet. 


February 21st 2021

A week further on and the new book is coming together. I’m now 12000 words in with all my chapters drafted out on index cards. I have emailed all the relevant people that I can possibly think of to make sure that I get information in. My “6 day in Australia” team have not let me down!!

This week has also seen medical issues sorted out. Regular women’s checks done and waiting for results. New glasses ordered and waiting for those. I didnt think I needed them, but lets just say, when the optometrist put the lense in front of my old glasses it was glaringly obvious that they were needed.  My driving license medical has been booked too.

Due to my weight loss in the last year, I have three rings that I wanted to wear but they were too loose. This week I will be collecting Marks wedding ring, my engagement ring and my Nan’s engagement ring so that I can wear again. The wedding and engagement rings will be going on my right hand.

February 14th 2021

Here we are on Valentines Day. My Valentine’s Day is me, sitting in my PJs outside while typing this. Romantic as hell huh! My late husband, as I have said before, was never a type for Valentines Day so I would never expect flowers. However our last Valentines Day together, we were away on holiday together.

Valentines Day fell in that holiday and we made a point on Feb 14 to dress up for dinner.  We celebrated it that one time. Some might say, its almost as if we knew it was the last but we had a good time and thats what mattered. Side note: Highly recommend a stay at O`Reillys Rainforest Retreat if you are looking for somewhere to walk and relax. Its perfect for that.

My day today will be writing. There will be an element of romance to it but that will come in the form of poems and memories, photos and thoughts. I am 50 pages and 7000 words into my new book. I always promised myself that I would write our story.  There is a lot to tell when you think of emigration, his illness and me afterwards. After a conversation wth four friends on a group chat, it was evident that the time is right. 

When you dont cry at every memory, but you can laugh, smile and joke about them, it is time to step up to the plate! Thats what my plan is.  Working title:  Two brits in Brisbane!  

Wish me luck!

February 7th 2021

Time marches forward. Shops are already selling hot cross buns and Easter Eggs. They are wishing our lives away for us. Valentines Day is bearing down on us too so here is my question.

Do we need one day a year to be commercial and celebrate our loved ones? Shouldn’t we say ‘I love you’ all the time?

My thoughts are simple. I’m not a commercialised person when it comes to holidays etc.

I do Mothers and Fathers Day on a day of my choosing. My parents never know when it is coming and it is more of a surprise. It might be something as simple as shopping for clothes with my mum and me picking up the bill (that was one Mother’s Day). Going out for a planned lunch. Or it could be something as simple as ordering something online that you know a parent was looking for. Simplicity but special as it is unexpected. 

I have been told over the years that Im weird for doing that but I like the unpredictability of it. I love my parents and husband 24/7, 365 days a year so don’t need to be told when is the best time to tell them! I tell them every day!

Away from the craziness of chocolate and expensive flowers…I have now planned out what will be the sequel to my soon to be released Childrens book (assuming that it sells enough that they want another one!!). Its plotted out and I have a lovely lady from Sydney that has been helping me with an aspect of it. I want to make sure everything is perfect in it and while “My Adventures with Bruce” features the kangaroo…the next one has another animal. 

From a very hot day in Queensland , stay safe. 

February 1st 2021

As we move into February (where did January go by the way?) I have found my creative streak coming back with a vengeance. On my iPad I have a page called IDEAS. That page houses everything. Every idea, every word, every sentence I find inspiring, every thought….you name it, its all there.

It begs the bigger question, where does inspiration come from? For me, it is everything, everywhere.

Perfect example from last week. On the way back from the local shops, I drove past Mooloolaba beach. As luck (or fate) would have it, there was a spot waiting for me.So I parked up and went for a walk. Very quickly my flip flops were off and i was barefoot. I sat on the sand and then walked in the water. I rattled off a few pictures on my phone and opened up the notes. What did I have?

  • curve of the beach
  • sea rolling in
  • Mind the rip
  • Surfers
  • Just me and my footprints
  • Sun
  • Sea
  • Sand
  • Sand between my toes
  • Walking in the water
  • Water over my feet

From my time on the beach, which was probably about 30 mins max, I came up with the above and more. Thats where my inspiration comes from. What I see, what I hear,what I read, what I do and life experiences.