Every Day

Every day a new memory pops in my head.

Something else that I think of, something he might have said.

Every day a new picture forms in my brain.

If he were here now, would we dance in the rain.


Every day a wonder, on what might have been.

If he were here now. The things he’d have seen.

Every day a new wonder, what would he think?

Of Covid and lockdowns and life on the brink.


Every day I sit here, hear your voice in my head.

Saying do what you think is right. I know what he`d have said.

Every day I smile, knowing what might have been.

But I know how proud you’d be at the things that you’d have seen.


See, I wrote a book about memories of us

Sharing with others what was brave, raw and rough.

I wrote a book. There lies my written word.

Immortalised forever, lessons I’ve learned.


I wrote a book, next week it is out.

Who knows who will buy it? Someone will, I’ve no doubt.