Listen to me

“Listen to me” is the latest book from the acclaimed author, Tess Gerritsen. This latest book joins a long line of books dating back to her first publication in 1985. 

However it was in 2001, that Boston PD detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles first came to our attention. Since then, Rizzoli and Isles ‘adventures’ have continued as they have solved cases together. The books translated well into a TV series ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ starring Angie Harmon and Sascha Alexander. 

There were 12 cases that Rizzoli and Isles worked together on. Listen to me is number 13. 

But what did I think of it?

Anyone that had ever been in my house in the UK, would have been able to testament that my book shelves were filled with Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner books. Of course, the world changes, and everything is now on my iPad.  

To say I was excited to get  ‘Listen to me’ was an understatement. I ordered it last year. The minute I heard about it, I grabbed my credit card and got on Amazon! I`m pleased to say, it most certainly did not disappoint. 

This book has the murder of a nurse. It has the stalker of a young woman, and it also has (in my opinion) one of the best elements of the series, Angela Rizzoli. The book brings all three together. 


Angela Rizzoli, mother of Detective Jane Rizzoli,  is home alone while her partner is away. Angela is renowned for watching out for people, keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, so when “The Greens” move in opposite and start keeping the blinds closed, and putting bars on the windows, Angela is concerned that something is strange in the neighbourhood.

Sofia Suarez, a nurse and widow is murdered in her own home. A young woman, Amy, is recovering from a hit and run accident and has a stalker. Are they three cases ? Are they one case, and if they are, what links them?


If I said I loved this book, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone. This is number 13 in the series, and I adored the other 12. I am a fan of thrillers, and love a book that makes you think as well as throwing up curveballs in the plot. Those little things you didn’t expect. This book does just that. 

Tess Gerritsen has a beautiful writing style and has the ability to weave together the unrelated in such a way, that you have no idea whats coming. The book is told in four points of view. Jane, Angela, Maura and Amy (the hit and run victim), and the short chapters made the reading of this book easy. This was a 36 hour read for me. I find when Tess Gerritsen books come out, everything else takes a back seat. 

The writing is great. Every time there was a line of dialogue for Angela Rizzoli, I found myself hearing Lorraine Bracco speaking it directly to me. (Check out the TV series). The plot was fantastic. To weave together all the elements that were present in the story, and still give the reader a plot twist that you didn’t see coming takes skill and class. Ms Gerritsen has that in spades.