il Vento

Foodie Review

Each food review will be assessed by me, the customer, on the following:

  • First Impressions. 
  • Location. 
  • Menu. 
  • Pricing. 
  • Service. 
  • Would I return to this establishment?

Each will be marked out of 5, for a total out of 30

il Vento

For some time, Dad and I had been looking for an Italian. We had found one we liked but it was down in Redcliffe, so a bit of a drive for a lunch or night out.

Of course, living near the coast, there are many eateries in our locality. As we looked a little closer, we found what we had been searching for. An Italian restaurant and whats more, it was less than 20 minutes from home. 


First impressions, were of an instant charm. There was space for intimate dinners, families together, big banquets, and of course, a Dad/daughter lunch. We were greeted immediately by the wait staff and guided to a table.


The location allows for the views of the wharf which serve to enhance those first impressions that you receive.

Mooloolaba is a beautiful coastal venue, especially around the wharf area. The wharf boasts the SeaWorld exhibit and easy beach access as well as man eateries and shops. This does however, mean that in school holidays it is incredibly busy. This can lead to parking problems close to the wharf. 


Your menu is graced with many choices. Pizza, salad, main courses, pasta and more. 


Prices start at $12 for Focaccia Bread up to $18 for a cured meat platter on the Antipasti menu. 

Pasta prices range from $26 up to $31.  

Pizza Prices range from $19 up to $31. 

Salads range from $12 up to $18. 

Mains range from $31 up to $38. 

Desserts range from $7 up to $9. 



The service was fast and attentive. We waited for our meal (we were both hungry so 5 minutes would have felt like hours!!) , but the reason why, was evident when our meal was laid in front of us. The care and attention that had been given to the meal was showcased in the presentation and flavours that we had to sample. 


I’ve already chosen what to try next time!


First Impressions – 4/5

Location – 5/5

Menu – 4/5

Price – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Would I return – 4/5

Total  – 25/30