July 2022 Blog

July 28th 2022

The final few days in July are here, August is around the corner. How do we get through a year so fast? Time seems to move so quickly nowadays. Or is that I am getting older? 

Mmmmm……Don`t answer that!

My procedure last week went without a hitch. I had a small tumour removed, which obviously had to be sent off for pathology. Thats the worst part with any illness or procedure. The waiting. Anyway, my waiting ended today, when I found out it was benign. Cowdens Syndrome is definitely playing out as expected. 

I had my genetics blood test this week too. I had an hours wait for the first one as they were extremely busy. I then had to have a second test 30 minutes later. Again, its waiting. These results take 3-4 months. They aren’t going to tell me anything I don`t already know. It’s just a formality. 

So, what else is new? I have started work on my Handmaids Tale pieces of work. Here is the first one. The Handmaids Tale Series One  

I have some more planned in relation to The Handmaids Tale. I have book reviews for some Band of Brothers books on my to-do list. I have some article ideas and a lot more. Plenty to keep me occupied!

See you next month

July 22nd 2022

Yesterday I was at the Drs for a minor procedure. July 2022 Cowdens blog . Check out the link and it will update you as to what that was all about! 

As soon as I was done and home, we were out the door again. Well, it was Wednesday, “Wings Wednesday”, and we headed off to Ricks Garage and Diner. Ricks Garage Food Review.

One full portion of wings for him. One double cheeseburger for me and chips to share, and we headed home. 

I finished reading Shiftys War this week and reviewed that for Madhatterpress. Shifty`s War Book Review . I would say it was one of the best Band of Brothers books I have ever read. Check out my review. My next read is a Robert Ludlum. I have never read his books but I am a Jason Bourne fan so thought that I would get the first one and have a crack at that.  

Dad and I have a short break coming up that we are looking forward to and also two concerts. One is a Pink Floyd tribute band and one is a Billy Joel/Elton John Duelling Pianos tribute.  We did see one last week called “Good Morning Vietnam” which was absolutely brilliant. Music from the 60s and 70s. 

Food shopping is done. Medications collected from the chemist. Washing is done. Emails done. Dinner planned. I feel like I am one step ahead today. Just waiting for 2 parcels to arrive and that’s it. 

All we need now, is for the weather to be better. We still have one more month of Winter to go. Today is grey, raining, seventeen degrees, and according to the weather app – “feels like 12 degrees”. I am looking forward to Spring and the jacarandas. 

July 14th 2022

Another week has flown by in the merry old land of Oz and its time for an update. As you can see from my screen grab photo, it’s that most wonderful time of the year. It’s Origin time. 

State of Origin comes round once a year. Three games of rugby league. Queensland v New South Wales. Its a fierce rivalry that is even the subject of bets between state premiers. (Put it this way…..today, Sydney Harbour Bridge which is firmly in the Blue territory, is lit up in a nice shade of maroon!)

The games are held across Australia, with one game being in QLD at Suncorp Stadium and one being in Sydney. Queensland had many winning years. From 2006-2013, Queensland won 8 consecutive series. In the last 5 years, New South Wales have won 3 series to Queenslands 2. This year, 2022, the shield is coming home. 

My Band of Brothers work continues, with this weeks piece being about C. Carwood Lipton. I also decided that I was going to treat myself this week.  My signed cast poster is in progress (thanks to Currahee Signings on Instagram)

Thank you to the team at Currahee signings 506

Thats my week. Catching up with emails has been one of my jobs this week. I will be catching up this weekend with a member of my family from interstate, who I have not seen for some years. The last few years have been crazy, what with Covid, she lost her husband, I lost mine, and we lost mum. We have finally managed to arrange a day and I am looking forward to that.  

I am starting a new book tomorrow. (Unsurprisingly) It is a Band of Brothers book, one of the ones that I had not read before. It is written by Marcus Brotherton, and is called ‘Shifty`s War’. When I have finished it, I will be reviewing it. 

Another week done. (But at least we won Origin!)

July 7th 2022

Today started with the latest Tess Gerritsen thriller “Listen to me” landing on my iPad. I have been a huge fan of Ms Gerritsen since ‘The Surgeon’ was published over 20 years ago. She wrote of a Boston cop, Jane Rizzoli, and the medical examiner attached to Boston PD, Maura Isles. It was phenomenal. It translated quite well to several series on the TV too.  In the next 48 hours or so, Tess Gerritsen gets my undivided attention. 

I also this week, finished this book, by journalist and author Abigail Shrier. I will do a full review on this book in time, I need to process everything that I have read first. 


What else has been happening this week? I have been tidying up the website. My “Creative Work” menu looks a little different. I completed everything that I always do for the beginning of the month on Madhatterpress, and Dad had his eyes tested. 

This weekend, we are heading to a concert and am looking forward to that. We already have another one booked for August. Nothing stopping us!

The bedding has been changed and washed. Food shopping done. Just an average week! 

Friday July 1st 2022

I started preparing this blog a week ago. ‘Get ready’ I thought. The old scout motto ‘Be Prepared’  and I was at a loss for words. Not what you want to hear from a writer. 

But then as I sat here today, wondering what image to share with you, it came to me. The biggest news of the week and I had literally forgotten to include it! 

This week, well yesterday to be precise, “Bruce” had a birthday. It was one year since the publication of my book. Of course, I know I am not a best selling author, but I am a published author who has sold some copies. 

Happy Birthday Bruce. (Available on amazon!)


My old house, that I am renting out, is having work done since the last massive rain event in March of this year. The damage to the property was confined to a small space in the garden but landed me with a $17k bill. These things happen and they have to be fixed. 

There has been a delay on delivering timber so the work is now due for completion on Wednesday of next week. I can then pay the bill, take a breath and get on with life. There’s nothing I can do about it, but the infuriating part now, is just as it’s finishing being fixed, guess what’s heading our way? Yep, you’ve guessed it. Another rain event.

The last week was really the waiting for Cowdens results. July 2022 Cowden blog. Finally they all came in. There doesn’t seem to be major worries or concerns with those but I have one more scan to go. The final one on August 5 will determine whether I need a thyroidectomy.

I finished an incredibly interesting book this week, a true story from over 50  years ago. The book was called “As nature made him” by John Colapinto. The book talks of twin boys. One was raised as a boy and one was raised as a girl. (This twin had a surgical accident during a routine circumcision affecting him for life.) . The book was fantastically written and investigated with full co-operation from the twins. That’s my next book review.

So, for someone who wasn’t sure what to write this week…..I think I nailed it!