Yours, Mine, Ours

Sinead Moriarty. A woman who was inspired by watching her mother write at the kitchen table. A woman whose dream as a child was to write a book. 

Sinead made her dream come true. It took hard work, passion and persistence. 

“Yours, Mine, Ours” is her latest book. 

I was lucky enough to be able to read an advance copy of this book. I have read everything that Ms Moriarty has written, but in my opinion,  this is one of her best books, if not the best one. I don’t think there is a person in the world that can’t relate to one or all aspects of this book.

The book centres around families. Put that  into context of todays world and we know that our planet is made up of different family combinations. Whether it be man and a woman. It could be two Mums or two dads. It could be boyfriend/girlfriend. It could be separated wife and boyfriend.  Separated husband and girlfriend.


Here is the recipe for this book.

Meet Anne and her children…Grace and Jack.

Meet James and his daughter Bella.

Throw in an estranged spouse called Conor.

Add in an ex-wife called Ingrid.

Stir it all together with a large Irish family and you have a recipe for something special.


Ms Moriarty examines how split families and new families come together. We see how Anne and James are a couple and their children combine to become a new blended family.  We see the complications that arise due to that and we see the love that can come from that too.

What Ms Moriarty manages to do with this book, is write this in such a way, that you can relate. I found myself reading and wondering how I would react as Anne. Remembering times I’d had in a similar situation….I’ve been an ‘Anne’ (without the children).

This book is written in a delightful way. It’s honest. It’s funny. It’s witty. It’s drama. It’s refreshing.  Its emotional. It’s all those things and more. To be able to pull it all  together in one book, so beautifully, is perfection. To be able to show the trauma of marriage breakups, the emotions of new relationships and the opinions of a large family, all in one set of pages , it is a gift.

Sinead Moriarty, thank you for what I consider your best yet.