Savvy Squire

Foodie Review

Each food review will be assessed by me, the customer, on the following:

  • First Impressions. 
  • Location. 
  • Menu. 
  • Pricing.
  • Service. 
  • Would I return to this establishment?

Each will be marked out of 5, for a total out of 30.


The Savvy Squire is somewhere I often go. I’ve had many a nice evening there with my brother & sister in law  and after they went home to the UK, I introduced my Dad to the place. We’ve had drinks, lunch and evening meals there. Time to share how it all went.


First impressions are excellent. There is room for 427 cars to park up in the wharf car park. The Savvy Squire is visible from the car park. First impressions on entry are a large, clean facility that boasts several areas. There is outdoor seating. Seating at the back of the pub near the pool table and seating in the main eating area.There is usually (99% of the time) someone at the door who will check whether you have a booking. I have noticed this is more evident at dinner times, rather than lunch times.

Review for lunch & dinner dining


Savvy Squire is located in Mooloolaba, just off Parkyn Road.  It’s walking distance from the seafront but there is adequate parking too. At high traffic, high season times it can be problematic to find a space, but there are numerous places for street parking too. From my location it is a fifteen minute drive, straight down the Sunshine Motorway. It is situated next to the waterways of the Mooloola River. It is picturesque as you are close to the marina and are frequently gifted sights of varying watercraft coming past.


A 350g Sirloin at $42 is the priciest dish with a three cheese pizza, being the cheapest at $15. There is a great variety of dishes from burgers to steak. Salads to pizza and also grazing plates to share. There is a great kids menu too as well as a small selection of desserts.

I can personally vouch for the fish and chips and the fish finger sandwich, as well as the cheese and bacon burger. All of which I have had on several occasions.


Pricing is comparable compared with other places I have eaten. For 2 people to have a round of drinks and one course, it averages at about $55.


I have been here at lunchtime and dinnertime. I have been here with a booking and with no booking. I have never been turned away. I have only ever had one issue with service. Following an email follow up to the manager, I was offered a solution which was gratefully accepted. The situation occurred due to reduced staffing that day.


Yes. I return regularly.   


First Impressions – 4/5

Location – 5/5

Menu – 3.5/5

Price – 3/5

Service – 4/5

Would I go back? – 5/5

Total – 24.5/30

Current menu from Savvy Squire website

James Squire website

Instagram – @TheSavvySquire