the cylinder

The Writers Island prompt for this was the image you see to your right. Posted on February 14th , there would have been an obvious love story there. I took the image and changed its whole perspective. 

t was like an accident waiting to happen!!! Alcohol, paper, fabric and a naked flame but strangely, there was a romantic undertone. Who had poured the wine? Why the books ? What did the music signify? Who owned the pipe? So many questions but no answers.  Of course there was the obvious Valentines Day surprise set up, being. Feb 14th, but there seemed to be something more to it than that. 

There was no one in the house on initial entry  but these items obviously held significance . She felt like Agatha Christie putting all the clues together.  As she looked around the room, she noted a music stand and a violin. ‘Ok, so musician lives here, that much I guessed’ she said to herself quietly. 

She kept looking at the room, her eyes focusing but feeling like something wasn`t right. ‘There are drapes hanging everywhere’ she thought. ‘I sure there werent this many windows in the room’. She started pulling them back, forcefully at first until she remembered she was trespassing in the house.  She moved towards the next drape and pulled gently. Thats when the hand grabbed her from behind,  silencing her in one movement. 

She twisted in the grip of her captor, trying to see who it was. The only thing she new was that it was a man. The physicality and strength had given that away.  A whisper came to her ear….”its not worth it. I presume you like living!”

She froze and her captor was able to continue his plan. Another pair of hands grabbed her arms and wrenched them behind her, securing them with cable ties.  Her legs were secured too.  There was no way out of this one. A blindfold was secured over her eyes, leaving just a chink of light at the bottom. She still had no way of knowing who it was. 

She opened her mouth to offer money or well, offer anything that might find her a way out of this. Her captors took the opportunity. She opened her mouth and they gagged her. Now she was locked in with them. Unable to move, see or speak , her senses heightened though as she felt every blast of air, tried to hear every noise and strained to hear their chatter. 

“We have to just get it done” they said.  “She broke in here so no one knows she’s here. It will take them forever to track her down if we put her where we said.  

She couldn’t work out why it was happening to her but came to a conclusion it was simply wrong place wrong time.  Could she be that unlucky? 

As the night wore on, she found herself dozing. All of a sudden she woke with a start as hands lifted her.  She didn’t dare try to mumble a word, she let herself be manipulated. She realised she was in the back of a van.  

The van started and drove for about ten minutes. She rolled around in the back of the van as they took their corners at speed not caring about their cargo. A screech and stop. 

Wherever they were taking her, they’d arrived. 

The hands came to lift her from the truck. From the cool air, she guessed she was outside and when put on the ground, it felt like dirt. What she didn’t know was, it was a mound of dirt. Beside her was a hole and a box for that hole. 

Again the hands grabbed her and lifted her but not before they had cut the ties to her arms, her hands were free. She was lifted in the box and warned not to move. She followed the directions and did not move. Didn’t attempt to undo her leg ties or remove her blindfold. Just did as she was told. 

The box was moved into the hole and a voice shouted.  “When you hear me say ok, you can remove your blindfold”. 

She laid in the box and heard banging. She still had no idea what was going on. Then she heard hat sounded like things being put on the box. “Ok” she heard. 

She ripped her gag and blindfold off and tried to sit up. Trying not to panic, she realised she was in the box. She felt around and felt a torch and a knife.  She also felt something cold, a cylinder of sorts. When she brought it towards her face, she could see what it was and she felt sick. It was oxygen. She was buried alive.