December 2020

December 26th 2020

Here in Australia, Christmas Day has reached its end and we settle comfortably into a long weekend. Today is Boxing Day but due to it being on a Saturday we get an extra day holiday on Monday. So 4 day weekend it is. For someone like me, who is caring for a loved one and not going out to work daily, it makes little difference. My job, like Dad, is 24/7. 

I always have thoughts of Mark at Christmastime as he started many traditions that we shared together.  2019 was my first without him and I hated every second. Not because of who I was with (my parents, brother and sister in law) but because of who wasn’t there. 

Yesterday it was Christmas 2.0. The second without Mark. It was a much better day. Learning to enjoy a day and not feel guilty because your loved one  is no longer wth you is tough. However it is something that you have to learn to do, like it or not. 

Yesterday I had a lovely day. From the first morning coffee and Dad wishing me happy birthday to a Jack Daniels nightcap, it was beautiful. Cooking together, serving up Christmas dinner together, watching a couple of movies together… just worked well. It also signalled to me that I have made my first step into the rest of my life. 

Marks memory will be with me forever, whatever i do. But the things I choose to do now are all me. My choices, my decisions, my own mistakes to make and new memories to cherish. 

Here’s to 2021 (and my 50th)

December 22nd 2020

My gorgeous mum celebrated her 70th birthday. Due to her situation, we tweaked things. No fancy table setting. No going for dinner.  Instead we had dinner in her room all together wth her choice of meal. 

We organised a cake which was a plain vanilla one. I added the sunflower which was a nod to Mark, my late husband. He loved them and always bought them for me. 

I put together a hamper for Mum of all UK sweets and goodies that she has not had for ages. Hula Hoops, Bourbon biscuits and more. I even found some Vegemite flavour peanuts which already I have had to order more of!! 

So, whats next? Me! Thats next!  Three days time I turn 49. How did that happen so fast? I guess that I started to realise how I was “ageing” when a medical issue reared its head recently and I was informed that “it common for women of your age with a family history”. Lovely!!! Just the reminder I needed!!! 

Off to do the chores of the day, food shopping for me! Merry Christmas to you all. May 2021 treat us a little better than 2020 has! 

December 15 2020

We have been experiencing some wild weather here in Queensland. Thankfully today has given us sun and blue skies but the last few days, wind, rain and floods in some areas. Welcome to summer or as it is otherwise known, “the wet season” The wet season tends to be all or nothing . This year we got all! 

As you can see the pool shade sail was decimated in the wind! Ripped straight down the seams. It has been up there for some years with direct sunlight beaming down on it and may have only been a matter of time. As Dad says it goes on the “to-do” list.

The day after tomorrow my lovely mum reaches the age of 70. Why is it that we still think of our parents as younger than that? 

Mum has given me her menu choice for dinner. I always cook for Mum and Dad on their birthdays. Her gift is ready and we will have a great day together. The day is adapted now given the situation. The meal is in the bedroom, no fancy dining table this year. Gifts and cards at the bedside. Its not about what you do, its about who you`re with

December 8th 2020

17 days until Christmas! Is it really? The year has been dragging due to covid and lockdowns and yet December appeared in a flash and is ploughing quickly toward its conclusion. This month our household boasts two events, both birthdays! The biggest is Mum! She turns the grand age of 70 on December 17th. I still think of my mum as in her 40s out shopping with me. How can she be 70?

Then 8 days after mum, another birthday…me! I turn the grand age of 49 or as my friends son calls me “absolutely ancient”. Charmer huh!!! We will celebrate with Mum for her birthday and no doubt I will rustle up something nice in the kitchen. (Cue, hysterical laughter from friends!! – I can cook you know! Mark taught me well!!)

Other than that, its just waiting til the end of the month to see how the book sold in its first couple of months. Of course, the children’s book also is underway and I almost forgot…book 3 went to the publishers at the weekend. Keep everything crossed they like it!!