Bruce Book Blog

February 2021

Due to covid and the repeated lockdowns in the UK. there have been some delays in getting this book out. Hang in there dear readers, Bruce and my books hero will be with you soon. 

The child that my hero is based on, is very excited to see this book to fruition. I cannot wait to hand this to him, its a special project.

January 2021

2021 crept up on us all! Christmas has been and gone and now, for me as the author, I anxiously await the different steps of the process of putting this book together. I cannot wait to introduce this story to you. The hero of the story is the child of a friend. He is as excited as me to see this come to fruition.  Patience is a virtue in the publishing world and that is not a trait I was ever blessed with!! 

Everything good to those who wait!

December 2020

We are at the end of 2020 and “Bruce” is getting nearer to completion.  Getting a book from start to finish is an exciting process but if you are anything like me…it doesnt move fast enough. I’m not the most patient person!! 

Looking forward to getting a release date and seeing this for sale!