Bruce Blog 2021

August 2nd 2021

Month 2 of sale already. Before you know it, I’ll be saying one year on sale!! Reviews have started to drift in now for the book and are positive. Seeing photos of young people with the book makes everything I do worth while, so please keep sending them.
The next one to Bruce is being written. Chapter one done and I’m happy with that. Happy enough that I sent it to an agent on an open submission. Who knows? They can say yes or no but if I don’t try I’ll never know will I!
Bruce is not in the next one. The main character is there along with some family members that were not in ‘Bruce’ as well as some friends. This one, I’m taking my time with. Ive already restarted from scratch once as I wasn’t happy with the first few chapters but I’m off and running.

July 27th 2021

Here’s a question……What happens if you have no brothers and sisters and your best friend lives too far away?

Here’s another question for you……Who can that boy chat to & be silly with, when his best friend lives too far away?

Thats what happened to Nathan. Nathan always made his time fun on his own. He had to. He could read very well. He liked to draw and make things. He liked to play video games. He could ride his bike on his own. But it was just not the same. He wanted someone to be silly with, to mess around with. Someone to chat to at night, when he really should have been going to sleep!

Then Bruce arrived…and Nathans life changed.

Check the link in my bio to see purchase links and grab a copy today. Find out what happened when these two characters got together!

July 21st 2021
Packages from Australia to UK are taking an incredible amount of time to get there so please forgive me, those of you that are anxiously waiting for your copies!!!
Copies can be purchased from many sources. Through the link below, you will see that there are links posted for purchasing in the UK, Australia and the States. Many of these do worldwide shipping too.
Bruce was a labour of love that helped me get through my first Christmas without my husband. This is when he was born, when the story came to life. I started writing and for several days, just didnt stop. I hope that my hard work pays off and you all like it!
Go grab your copy now!

July 15th 2021

Ok, so I am impatient! I get it! I know I am impatient but I am never going to change! I have started getting some reviews in and I am so excited to hear what you all think. Books are on the way to the UK but of course there may be (and are) delays due to limited planes in and out of Australia. 

When you get your books, if you can  leave your reviews and share a pic or two on your social media pages, I would be beyond grateful. 

I am proud of Bruce. I hope you love it too.    

July 9th 2021

It has been out now a little over a week. Time has flown and it feels longer than that. I have sent the copies I have to certain people (different people to who were given a copy of the poetry book). The publisher has also sent out copies to media for me. I have secured a school reading. I have secured a radio interview and if the celebs that agreed to take my book follow through….I’ve hopefully got some social media exposure too. 

If a copy lands on your doorstep, if you were one of the lucky ones chosen this time, please can you leave a review on Amazon. Reviews go a long way in assisting with the credibility of the book and the Amazon sales ranks. 

I would also ask this…if you are comfortable doing so, could you please give me a shout out on your social media. I’d love to get as much exposure on this one as I can. 

July 3rd 2021

Bruce is in our world – I feel like it was a long time coming but we got there in the end. The process of publishing a book is awfully traumatic to the author. Nothing ever feels like it is done quick enough. You want your emails answered asap but you have to learn patience. 

My patience has been rewarded. Bruce is here and all I can hope now is that you all enjoy it. 

Please remember to leave a review at your place of purchase or feel free to send me a direct review and Ill post them on here! 

Thank you for your support. 

To the inspiration for my leading man in this book…..thank you for being you!

June 30th 2021

Bruce has hopped into your life! He is here! Head to the home page, click on the book cover an grab a copy today! 

June 26th 2021

4 sleeps to go until Bruce bounds in! I noted today that the UK and US are showing out of stock on Amazon. Please check out the purchase links as there are many other places to purchase. If Amazon is your preferred place to purchase please keep checking back!

June 20th 2021

The countdown is on. Bruce arrives on 30 June. It seems that it has been a long time coming but I am so happy to be able to finally share it with you. 

My complimentary copies are on the way. The parents of the children that are being gifted them have been made aware. Copies have also been sent to requested media by the publisher. I am (fingers crossed!) hoping that a little social media exposure may give the book a well deserved boost.   


June 6th 2021

The  book is starting to show its face on Amazon. As of today, Australia Amazon and Barnes and Noble are showing it as selling. UK and US Amazon will go online with it this week as will WH Smith, Dymocks, Wheelers and many other online stores. 

When you start to see the book for sale, it brings it all home. The hard work was worth it. The waiting was worth it. The reads, re-reads, edits and never ending emails to a publisher…..all worth it. The best part of it all for me,  I can say I wrote it!!!

The worst part for me, is that Mum and Mark are missing out on this book. I have mentioned them in acknowledgements and I have to remember that they would be immensely proud.  

June 1st 2021

As Frank Sinatra once sang, “and now the end is near….”….publication date for My Adventures with Bruce has been set at 30 June. 

Excitement is high and now is the in-between time where I am waiting for it to be visible for pre-ordering on Amazon, WHSmith, Barnes and Noble and all of the other online stores. 

Part of me would love to walk into a bookstore and pick it up while simultaneously yelling “I wrote this” but let’s be fair here. (A) Im not well known enough to be on bookshelves and (B) the world runs online nowadays and (C) Im just happy its been accepted for sale! 

I have been liaising with several people to lock in readings and reviews. I have a couple of well known contacts that I am utilising and hopefully a little social media from these contacts may come my way! As a new writer, I have to put myself out there. Its about me saying “hello, here’s my book, have a free copy, review it for me”. Its about me getting my name out there. 

I would love this one to sell well. I have a great idea for a sequel to it……..

May 2021

Here we are in May. The publication process continuers. I have had many questions from people about why it seems to take so long.The best way I can think of to describe it, is to say think of the time it takes to write a book. You might have 3-6 months just waiting to hear if you have been accepted for publication. (perfect example – I sent three poems to a publication with a 6 month wait. That was last June!!)

Then you have edits, re-reads, back to author, re-reads and back for more proofs. Cover designs, changes possibly, cover design back to author to approve and so on. Sometimes times for edits , re-reads and proofs can go into months. Its all about patience (not something I am good at!!!)

Some of you will have received a message from me about reviewing Bruce for me too.  I would like to get some reviews before it goes on general sale.  

The Facebook page for Bruce continues and is a work in progress. I will be doing questions and answers there too so if you have a question about the book please send it to me. 

So, that is Bruce.

Patience is a virtue  

April 2021

Here we find ourselves almost running headlong through the year! April already? Well, the update on Bruce is as follows. Covid of course, put the brakes on things with my publisher being in London. However, it’s on the move again and impatient me, anxiously awaits the finished proofs.
Bruce  was a labour of love for me, written over the first Christmas without Mark. The story came quickly and a potential sequel idea appeared at the same time  .


March 2021

Not the most patient of people, I sit here awaiting (anxiously) what I hope will be the final proofs for the book. This one has been delayed due to Covid and when I get this in my hands, boy it will be exciting.

I am starting a second children’s book. It is mapped out ready to go. Now I just have to get started.

February 2021

Due to covid and the repeated lockdowns in the UK. there have been some delays in getting this book out. Hang in there dear readers, Bruce and my books hero will be with you soon. 

The child that my hero is based on, is very excited to see this book to fruition. I cannot wait to hand this to him, its a special project.

January 2021

2021 crept up on us all! Christmas has been and gone and now, for me as the author, I anxiously await the different steps of the process of putting this book together. I cannot wait to introduce this story to you. The hero of the story is the child of a friend. He is as excited as me to see this come to fruition.  Patience is a virtue in the publishing world and that is not a trait I was ever blessed with!! 

Everything good to those who wait!