Broken Heart

I wonder if a broken heart can mend.

I put a plaster on mine.

Covers the gap. Keeps emotions in.

Sometimes they leak out.


I wonder will a broken heart ever heal.

If it does heal, how does it feel?

I never want to forget his voice or his laugh.

Remember it all, not just half.


I wonder will my heart ever feel the same.

If I ever find new love again.

I don’t want to feel like I will betray.

Can’t view it that way.


I wonder if a new love finds me.

Will they realise what I have behind?

Will they view it as past life?

Will they realise I still feel like his wife?


My life with my man, he was a unique soul.

Memories plenty, mine to hold.

Life with my man was forever in time.

Forever was not long enough…my partner in crime.