Brightwater Hotel

Foodie review

Each food review will be assessed by me, the customer, on the following:

  • First Impressions. 
  • Location. 
  • Menu. 
  • Pricing. 
  • Service. 
  • Would I return to this establishment?

Each will be marked out of 5, for a total out of 30.


It has been described as waterfront dining at its best. It’s been said to be a couples paradise. Its been called one of the best pubs on the Sunshine Coast, if not the best! 

I have frequented Brightwater Hotel many times over the years. Now its time to share my experiences with you. 

Brightwater Hotel is located in Mountain Creek, not far off of the Sunshine Motorway. It is beautifully situated on the side of a lake, giving beautiful views throughout the day and even more spectacular ones as the sun dips down each evening. 


From my location it is a short twelve minute drive. 

It is situated next to a lake and is surrounded by houses. The beauty of this place is that once you are parked up and inside…you could be anywhere. The fact that you are surrounded by houses could not be further from your mind as you check out the view to the lake. 



First impressions are excellent. There is room for 100 cars to park up below the hotel. From the car park, there are directions to the entrance. If you cannot get parked below, there are numerous parking bays outside the hotel too. 

Inside the hotel, you are greeted by a very open and spacious dining room. There is someone there 99% of the time to greet you and I have rarely had to wait. The chairs and tables are comfortable and spacious in their layout. There are tables for 2, 4 and more spread throughout the hotel, inside and out. 


The hotel is easy to find. Once inside, you are lakeside and if you have made a booking or are lucky enough to be seated outside, you are party to a lovely view and spectacular sunset. 


The menus are online Brightwater menus and I have put the link here for your perusal. Burgers and sandwiches are lunchtime only, that was a drawback for me as I do like my burgers. However, the menu is well thought out with all the basics there for you. There are pizzas, schnitzels, steak and so on. I have always found something I like!

I have found that the staff here are only too willing to accommodate if something on the menu needs “tweaking” to be to your taste. 


A 400g Scotch fillet steak is the most expensive thing at $45 on the menu and the cheapest is a Caesar salad at $19. While some may say that the steak is ‘overpriced’, I will say just this. My Dad loves the steaks at Brightwater. He has never found a steak that matches the taste and standard that he is served there. For that reason alone, its worth the money for me!

I am a very firm believer that you get what you pay for. A decent steak will always cost that little extra and when you can sit down afterwards, knowing that it was worth every cent, that is a great feeling. 


I have been here at lunchtime and dinnertime. I have been here with a booking and with no booking. I have never been turned away. The service we have had there has been exceptional. From those who greet you at the door to those at the bar. From the waitresses taking table service orders to those cooking the food. Service has been impeccable. In my whole time eating there, I have sent one meal back. The reason I sent it back was that there was onions in it and that’s something I don’t like. It was recooked for me without any issues whatsoever. 


Yes. I return regularly. My last time being 6th January. I will be back again.     


First Impressions – 4/5

Location – 5/5

Menu – 4/5

Price – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Would I go back? – 5/5

Total – 26/30

Thank you Brightwater Hotel - see you soon