Bridge….too far?

This was inspired by a writing group one word prompt – “Bridge”


When I was a kid, my dad watched old movies. 

As a kid, they bored me crazy. 

Those old movies seemed to go on for years.

Or was it me, just being lazy?

I could name them all without thinking. 

Spartacus, 12 angry men. 

The one I remember most of all,

Is ‘the bridge one’, you know the one I mean

In fact, there actually were two.

Bridge over the river Kwai was one. 

The other one ‘a bridge too far’

Those movies seemed so long. 

I’m older now and so is dad. 

Quality time is here. 

Now’s the time, revisit them.

The movies he held dear. 

I appreciate those movies more. 

And the time I spend with him.

Life’s too short , we all know that. 

Quality time, that’s always a win.