Baby girl poem

Written as an original poem for a grandma to give to her daughter on the birth of her first child.

Baby girl

There is no greater gift in this world.
Than the gift of a child.
Both of you now blessed.
Both of you can smile.

March 31 she joined you.
At the hour of almost nine.
Three and a half kilos.
That little girl so fine.

Her fair hair and her dark eyes.
The eyes, they looked so wide.
Looking at these people.
Mum and Dad, here in her life.

The world seems strange to you all.
Your party now of three.
Life changes here for everyone.
New memories you see.

Treasure every moment.
Times can go so fast.
Treasure all the memories.
Don’t let a single one pass.

Save all her little drawings.
Save all her little things.
Save all the stories that you can.
Tell her, make her heart sing.

Hug your child so deeply.
Hug your child so tight.
Kiss your gorgeous girl
As she goes to sleep each night.