August 2022

August 3rd 2022

3 days in to August and the news is in. The tumour removed from my head, was benign. Cowden’s Syndrome is playing out, just as I was told it would by the geneticist. This will be the first of many lumps and bumps that need removing over my years on this planet. The news may not always be good, but all I can do is get on with life. 

The next “lump” to be dealt with is thyroid.  I noted a neck lump in late 2020, and was sent for scans. it clearly identified nodules and I had fine needle aspirations to check out what was happening. All of those were inconclusive. Now I am under the care of an endocrinologist. My scan is in 2 days and this is the plan. If it has increased by 30% or more, it’s time for surgery. 

My life has changed from this time last year. Now my life is scans, consultants, GPs, possible surgeries and monitoring myself for all potential lumps and bumps that may occur over time. Cowden’s puts me at increased risk of 5 major cancers. The greatest risk to me now is breast cancer. Cowden’s Syndrome is now my life.