August 2022 Blog

August 24th 2022

When your week starts with the BBQ looking like this, you know you’re in for a treat. I`m a lover of ribs, so when I saw these in the supermarket, it was a no-brainer. Hand them to the man of the house to cook, and we`re off to the races!

There is something just perfect about sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon smelling these on the BBQ. They didn’t last long either. This week seems to have been constantly busy.  We’ve been out to a concert, house air conditioners serviced. We’ve had the usual household chores to do. I changed the beds and Dad washed both cars. 

The deposit has been paid for our next trip. This is somewhere I have never been.  In September we are heading to Tannum Sands, a little of 5.5hrs away. I`m always excited to go somewhere new. Dad has friends there too. 

We had a drive out one evening to Brandenburg Road, otherwise known as ‘The Secret Garden’. Dad clicked the shutter a few times as we waited for the sun to go down.

I have been writing poetry this last week, two that I am proud of are: Currahee and war and home again.  These were influenced from my watching the 20th Anniversary Band of Brothers Symposium. 

My next lot of writing is all under way. A couple of interviews coming, interview requests have gone out with me crossing my fingers. Now I just need to pull it all together. 

See you in September. 

August 19th 2022

Last week..luck. This week…coincidence. What is it and do you believe in it?  Coincidence is a concurrence of events without connection. Its that simple. 

So, here’s the thing. When I came back from a recent trip, I had a letter waiting for me for my next endocrinologist review. The date of the appointment was a trigger to look at my previous appointments.

Now, my geneticist appointment was on May 6th which was Mark and my wedding anniversary. My first endocrinologist appointment was on June 15th which was my late husband Marks birthday. My second endocrinologist appointment is on August 30th, which is  the day of his passing. One date – I smiled at that. Two – coincidence. Three – mmmmmm? Is this pure coincidence or Marks way of telling me “I am  right with you!”. It did make me smile. 

This week has seen a busy week. Back from the most recent trip, Dads car in to get some work done, and a meal and concert at the end of the week. The outside areas of the house have been cleaned up ready for Spring and while Dad was doing that, I settled myself in the kitchen. My Shepherds Pie was cooked yesterday, and while I was doing one for dinner, I did three more for the freezer. It’s a tweak on a traditional recipe. Mark taught me. I taught it to Mum. Then Mum told my brother Lee and tried to pass it off as her own recipe! 

Next week is a quieter week as we settle into the last week of Winter. I wonder what Spring will bring. 

August 10th 2022

This weeks blog idea is a little different. Rather than tell you what’s been happening in life, I thought about something else. A word came to me last night. That word was lucky. I suppose, you have to think about how you define luck. Is it winning a lottery? Getting gifted a free drink in the tavern? Is it having great friends? For me, luck, being lucky, is something else. 

Anyone that knows me, would define my luck has been anything but good. Losing Mark, losing Mum, now dealing with Cowdens Disease and enjoying numerous hospital trips, tests, and tumour removals. But you know what…..I have luck. My life is lucky and here’s why.

Before I lost Mark, I got to spend a couple of years one on one with him. No work interruptions, just us. Yes, it meant that I didn’t earn a salary but I would not trade that time for anything. After Mark, I cared for Mum (alongside Dad) from Jan 2020 – the end of February 2021. Again, one on one time with Mum that had I been at work, I may never have had. I made a lot of memories in that time. Especially laid next to her on her hospital bed while watching the rugby.

Now my definition of  luck is different again. I am lucky as I am living with my Dad. My house is rented, which gives me money coming in, and I don’t have to go to work.  I am making new memories now , special ones. Going away with Dad, just the two of us. Sitting outside a holiday rental, doing nothing more than what we do at home, but loving it because the scenery is different. Cooking at home together. Going out walking with him. Taking him shopping when he needs new clothes (believe me, that’s an entertaining experience).

I consider myself lucky. I knew all four of my grandparents. My dads side I knew well into my thirties. I’ve had twenty five years marriage to my soulmate. I had forty nine years of ‘mum memories’. Now it’s ‘dad memories’. Dads and daughters….that’s an unbreakable bond. That bond is more than luck. That’s a gift. 

August 3rd 2022

Another month gone. I blinked in January, and here we are in August. I guess, so much has happened in the first months of the year, in a medical sense for me, that the year is flying past. 

August is full of plans for the Beckham/Hattersley household. Two concerts, a short break, Dads car being fixed, my tax getting done, two showers being re-grouted, medical scans for me, possible consultant appointment for me,  and re-application for my UK and Australian passports. Other than that, nothing planned!!! 

The trip is a short one and we are heading off to Hervey Bay. My plan is that we are going to go whale watching. Last years trip was great but not as calm as it apparently usually is so we are going again. To be honest, just being away is sometimes all you need. A change of scenery and somewhere different to look at. 

Yesterday I took myself out for a walk. I went to the Buderim – Palmwoods Heritage Tramway.  It’s a pleasant walk, very easy to do, with only one slight incline. You are surrounded by trees, birdsong, and the occasional remnant of a sleeper & cobbles. It was incredibly peaceful, considering how close the Tramway is to current roads and houses. I would imagine in the Summer, it would be teeming with wildlife. I will be back!