August 2021

29th August 2021
The first man in any child’s life is their father.
He is the one that each child will look up to as a role model throughout life. I’m no different although my dad has a few more job titles.
He’s dad, first and foremost. He’s my friend. He is my dinner date! He’s the person that raised me with the music tastes I have. He’s the person that gave me some of my qualities.
But he is also my “plus one” for concerts. It’s usually he and I that go to concerts together and always has been. Thinking back over the years, Mike Oldfield, Phil Collins, Yes, Paul McCartney and a few tribute bands too.
Our next “gig” is an ELO tribute band in September. This one I am very much looking forward to. Since Covid hit the shores of Australia, cinemas, stadiums and concert venues have not really been used. It’s starting to pick up now so hopefully this is the first of many.
29th August is my dads birthday. He tells me he is not counting age but sticking around the mid 40s instead. My treat for his birthday was the concert tickets. After what seems like a never ending round of lockdowns, mask mandates and more, we get to dress up for a night out.
Happy birthday Dad. You’re amazing and yes I am bias. But without you, I would not have made it through these last two years.

August 22nd 2021

What news do I have? Well, I am all ready for my book event this week. Covid had put paid to organising anything but a school has allowed me to come in and read/answer questions from the kids and give out some free signed posters and postcards. Plus I have an 11 year old boy to catch up with too. He needs to be given his signed copy as he inspired the main character. Does he go to the school I am going to? He just might…..

I shared breakfast with two friends this week that got back in touch with me. We met up at my favourite place (Anyone that knows me, knows where I mean!)  as it is halfway between us all. There we stayed. Eating, drinking coffee and just putting the world to rights. 

This week I was gifted the chance to write some words for a wedding. I did this and used one of my old poems which I tweaked slightly. The original poem was about Mark and I. The new version was more about a ‘present’ love. 

I have written a new article. I found lots happened after I lost Mark and I wanted to write it down in the hope that it may be of some help to friends of widows and widowers. The inspiration for it came not only from my experience but that of someone else who relayed thing that had happened to her. If it can help one person, its done something good. 

My week plans: school reading, radio stations and whatever else comes my way. 

August 17th 2021

Covid Australia has taken on a whole different level this last week. The entire state of NSW is now in lockdown. A lockdown that was announced via twitter and not via a press conference. A lockdown that gave less than a couple of hours notice. Melbourne is in lockdown.  Parts of NT in lockdown. Parts of the ACT are in lockdown and the military have been deployed to Sydney to “assist” with policing. There are police along the borders between us in QLD and NSW, where tragic stories are arising about care workers being refused Queensland entry. Refusal to let people in who need medical care at a certain hospital.  Refusal to allow people in to see dying family members. Here is a question: What has this world come to?

We have been told in QLD that even when the country is 80% vaccinated (currently 26%!) that lockdowns will probably still occur and wont be ruled out.  We still also have international borders closed, international travel bans, states refusing entry to anyone not vaccinated, mask mandates continuing and those who want vaccines having notorius difficulty in getting one. 

Thats COVID Australia!  What else can I tell you?

A book event is happening next week – I have some posters and postcards to sign before then! I have also been sending submissions to magazines to see if they will consider some work for publication. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thats my theory!

I am meeting friends for breakfast this week too, I am very much looking forward to it. A random message put us back in touch after a couple of years and we have rectified that situation immediately. A breakfast catch up was planned within minutes! See you Thursday my friends!


August 8th 2021

Here we are at the end of another week and for certain parts of Australia, it’s lockdown…again. Parts of NSW are in lockdown. Victoria is in lockdown and areas of SE QLD have joined them. We started last  week in a snap ‘hard and fast’ 3 day lockdown which was rapidly extended to 8 days.

In this house, we were on unofficial lockdown for almost 2 years while mum was ill. As much as one could nip out here and there, a lot of Mum`s care required 2 people, so if you did get out, you weren’t out for long. To be able to go out and about, and then lose freedoms again is hard going.

So, following the press conference, from today, 4pm, the 11 local government authorities have had lockdown lifted but more “restrictions”in place.  One of which is high school students wearing masks. Ive seen a lot of push-back on that on social media already so we’ll see how that goes. To know that we can go out and about is great news. It’s been recommended that we don’t leave our local government authorities but how can you police that with the community? Answer: You can’t.

So as we stand here in Australia…(1) State border closed. (2) International border closed. (3) International travel banned for Australians. (4) Mask mandates continue, now integrated into high schools. (5) Spontaneous hard lockdowns with minimal notice. (6) Those who want vaccines having difficulty securing spots to get one.

My question is…will it ever go or is it something we have to learn to live with? We live with lots of viruses don’t we?

Well, one lovely thing, amongst all the Covid dramas, that happened this week, was that my piece of custom jewellery arrived. I had been wanting this for some time, but never found the right people to do it. I wanted “j&m” on a necklace. I was offered separate initials but never “j&m” together as I wanted  it. Then I stumbled onto a jeweller in South Australia who just nailed it. It arrived on Friday and I am happy with it.  Of course, the j&m need no introductions.

Other than that, I’ve been reading. I read a great book by Megan Devine about the loss of her husband. All, I’ll say is it was as if she was writing about me! I was reading saying “yep, that happened, yes, they said that” and so on. I will put up a formal review on the website. Ive put it on my Instagram and on good reads.


Now I am re-reading something from several years ago. Paul Britton – The Jigsaw Man. He is a forensic psychologist and played his part in assisting in the solving of many crimes that we are all aware. The Soham murders, Rachel Nickell, the West’s and the Bulger case.

So that’s my week. Lockdown lifted! Before the press conference was over, someone I know, had his table booked for tonight at Brightwater Tavern!

August 1st 2021

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about memories and traditions. Prompted I think with the fact that I have been going through my storage unit and reminding myself of what I have, what I need and what I want. Tough decision to make when everything you touch reminds you of someone you have lost. You have to sometimes be ruthless. Much as you want to keep all they have touched and used, it just is not practicable. So, changes have to be made. Of course, when old memories go, new memories start to be made.

When you lose a loved one, such as a husband or wife, a mother or a father, brother, or a sister, you no longer have the chance to continue some of the memories or traditions that you may have had with them. So, what do you do? Do you continue those traditions alone or do you start new ones?

 The thought of stopping the traditions that made you who you are can be devastating. Your ‘tradition’ may be something as simple as buying a Christmas decoration with the date on each year. That’s what my husband and I had done since the year we landed in Australia. However, through moving, through the boxing and unboxing of things, and just the sheer test of time, some were broken. Was that a sign to now rethink that tradition? What did I do?

Check out my latest article and find out.

Making New Memories