At the start it wasn’t a dream.

At the start, it was a way out.

A way to learn discipline.

A way to get a new life.

A way to learn what that new life would bring.

2455 8201.

He could recite that number off the top of his head.

I’ll see the world he said.

I’ll learn new skills he said.

I’ll learn everything I need for life.

They showed him The Falklands and a conflict.

Northern Ireland showed him distain.

Berlin showed him history, that he wished he could have seen again.

Norway showed him snow, as he’d never seen before.

Daytona Beach and friends were crazy. He kept coming back for more.

His friends surrounded his life.

You trust the one behind to watch your back.

You watch the one in front.

They are friends you have for life. 

1PWO Prince of Wales Regiment of Yorkshire