April 2021


April 28th 2021

Next week on May 3, Madhatterpress celebrates its first birthday! This time last year, when I was thinking about this site….who knew!

Since last week, I have been working hard on what will be (hopefully) a book that someone will accept. I have put together a second collection of poetry. It came together incredibly easily and in a very organic way. It flowed well and allowed me to put in elements of my ‘Mark’ writing. There is a tribute to my beautiful mum in there as well as my tribute to my late Aunt Sally. 

Sally was one hell of a writer herself and often used to say “I should write a book you know”. She could never decide on her first chapter though. Whether it was her dislike of housework or her stories about Christmas that would start the book. It is those Christmas stories that I have used as a base for a couple of new poems. 

I`ve also now purchased some postcards to advertise Madhatterpress and also some business cards. The sunflower is my trademark on everything.  

Over the next few days, some poetry, book blogs and maybe more ….will be going live on the site. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

April 23rd 2021

Here we are at the end of another week. While there is no movement this week on the book at the publishers, there was movement on a writing competition that I entered. The prompt for it: Character v nature.

The obvious is character v weather event. Character v animal and so on. I tipped the prompt on its head completely and went with nature being a deadly disease. After all, they say write what you know and I did.

I gave my main character an incurable condition and played the story as “character v the nature of a deadly disease”. The story, due to experiences I have had in this area over 30 years, proved easy to write. It was the culmination of several people. Those that have passed away. Those that have been an influence to me and those I have nursed over my 30 year career.

It worked! Thank you to all the members of my online writers group who gave me the win!  That made me smile.

April 17th 2021

Here we are at the tail end of another week. For me, a week of good news! I have been asked to assist in writing the Mothers Day service for Adelaide Cemeteries Authority. This is a big event and a huge honour for me to work with Rebecca (friend and celebrant) to deliver the goods!!

This week has also seen me pay for my next 12 months of madhatterpress. On 3rd May, madhatterpress will be a year old! Already!!! I wish my beautiful husband had been here to see this all coming to fruition but all I can do is work hard knowing he’d be proud. 

This week also saw the publication of a poem called “The Woman” which was written some time ago. Link is in latest news and the publication is an online American magazine called October Hill.

I’ve also ordered some business cards this week! Anytime someone asks about my writing, I can pass a card and get my name out there more and more. 

Ending my week tomorrow with lunch at friends. What a week it has been. 

April 11th 2021

The inaugural Newsletter for Madhatterpress has landed in the last week. Took some tweaking to get what I was looking for but I got there in the end! They will come the first week of each month. 

This last week, has also seen a sneak peek of “My Adventures with Bruce” land on the Facebook page (see link in post below). Due to covid and lockdowns, publication date has been delayed but fingers crossed it’s coming soon 

Also this week another milestone, a personal one. The realisation that three weeks tomorrow, this little website of mine will celebrate its first birthday! 

So, for the next week, my plans are back to the books. Writing has lessened since Mum but it’s time to take that step back into my new poetry book and my next children’s book.


April 3rd 2021

Here we go in another month. Time is flashing past us quicker than I can care to mention but you know what…it’s up to us as humans to make the most of every moment and each other. My motto of the month is self care.

Self care is something I am incredibly bad at. I can say yes to everyone and everything. I’ll do anything and everything but when it comes to me, sometimes it is time to take a moment. 

My self care this month has come in the form of lots of reading. I do like my books and I am sure that Amazon would go out of business without me! My other form of self care, something I love to do for myself, is work on my website and prepare for anything regarding my books. These books are a sense of achievement for me and so this month I put together a Facebook page for each one. 
Facebook ‘Ramblings’ page
Facebook ‘Bruce’ page

Self care is incredibly important and comes in different forms for us all. If you take anything away from this entry, let it be this. 
Find what makes you happy and relaxed and never let it go.