Alien deal

The day started out like it was just like any other. The sun rose and the sky began to brighten. It was as if it were a normal December day. Joanne woke from her sleep. It had been a fitful sleep but nevertheless she did feel rested. As she moved from the bed her feet touched the floor and she felt the warmth of the carpet underneath her toes. 
Gently rising she moved to the window to open the curtains. As she did she drew a sharp intake of breath. From her apartment she usually had a clear view from her window the city but as light as the sky was, objects were starting to invade the brightness.  She watched, transfixed at the window as an object touched down in the park in front of her apartment. 
Almost immediately the object opened enough to let a man out. A man. That was her first thought. He looked just like a regular man. The man walked across and began to shake hands with all those that would accept his offered greeting. As those around him shook his hand they began to follow him. As they followed him Joanne continued to watch. She had a sense that something was wrong, they followed him but almost as if in a trance. 
She wasn’t sure whether to go down to see what was happening or settle for the news. After watching more and more people move into the trance like state she decided that the news was the best way to go. 
The news channels were alive with the images that she was seeing outside of her window. “These objects have been coming down all night” said the newsreader with an air of excitement that seemed wrong given the circumstances. “Already world leaders have begun to gather in order to work out the best way to make contact with them” she continued. Joanne looked at the television in disbelief. She could not believe that they were discussing contact already when they had no idea what they actually were. 
Knowing that leaving her apartment may be a death wish, she settled in front of her television and flicked between the channels waiting to hear what had happened. She saw reports of objects landing, not just in capital cities but small villages and country towns too. The same thing was happening. Human looking creatures, shaking hands and that same trance like state. It wasn’t right. But who should she tell? Would they believe her?
All of a sudden, the prime minister was there on the screen. He was meeting one of “them”. She watched in horror as Prime Minister Howard reached out and took his hand and announced to the world that this person was indeed from another planet but as we could see looked exactly like us. Had the Prime minister himself now been corrupted? The prime minister went on to reassure us we had nothing to worry about.
Then the bombshell was dropped. 
“There was an addition to our meeting”. The PM went onto say “These beings from another planet need humans to survive.  I have brokered a deal with them, as have other countries,  to ensure that they get what they need to survive”. Joanne looked horrified at the screen. 
Aliens had brokered a deal with the world, they were stealing families, our people, our lives.