A conversation

Mum wrote some poetry over her last months. The first paragraph is hers. The next three are mine. Just as if we were having a conversation..



When I am gone remember me.

Take some trips along the coast.

I’ll always treasure the time we had

Because I was with you the most.

He did those trips Mum, he took me too. 

Locations that he shared with you. 

Shared memories old, made memories new.

The trips he took, just he and you. 

I love those times, the stories told.

The memories of his, I didn’t know. 

Sharing helps. Makes me smile. 

You’ve been gone now. A little while. 

Life carries on, at times its sad. 

But time with you, I had lots , I’m glad. 

I know how lucky I was with you.

My female soulmate and mumma too.